To help you make the most of Graduation,

We've put together a short list of top tips that alumni have passed on to help you; 

Plan your day in advance and arrive on time: if you arrive late you’ll miss your ceremony and your day will be ruined. You won’t be let in late – that would ruin the day for everyone else. Check your email from the University and make sure you arrive when you're meant to. In fact: BE EARLY. 

Take lots of photos: it might sound obvious, but you'll want to look back on your graduation day in years to come. See the section on photos for great ways to get free mementoes of your day, courtesy of the Alumni Office. 

Book your celebratory lunch/dinner now: before the most popular restaurants fill their tables, get your's booked so you're not searching around on the day for somewhere with space. Alternatively, check out the catering options available on campus.

Wear comfy clothing: it's important to look smart on the day, but remember that you also need to be comfortable.  Don't spend the entire time having to breathe in or pulling your trousers up because they're too baggy. National dress is always acceptable, otherwise smart shirt/top and trousers/skirt, dress or suit. Stay classy, Huddersfield!

Shoes: can you really walk in those 6 or 7 inch heels? No-one has ever fallen off the platform (yet!) but this is not the day to take up crowd surfing! Also, beware new shoes – break them in. You don’t want to be hobbling round barefoot all day clutching them under your arm!

Bring hair clips: the caps are never an exact fit for anyone's head, so bring plenty of clips to make sure they're secure. The gown hire company will help you get the best fit possible. The tassle goes to one side at the front - right before you graduate, left afterwards. Don't worry of you forget, just copy everyone else! Wait until you're back in your seat before you change it.

Bring a safety pin: if you don’t have buttons on your shirt, a safety pin can come in handy to stop your hood from slipping backwards and strangling you!

Crossing the platform: the scariest part of your graduation day. All eyes are on you! Take a deep breath, relax and SMILE! You’re probably having your picture taken (see section on photos). Do shake hands, don’t curtsey. Really don’t curtsey.

Have fun: you’ve worked hard to get to this day. You’ve achieved amazing things and your whole University is proud of you. Graduation is a big deal, a little bit like getting married. It might not go exactly as you planned, but you will remember this day for the rest of your life. Make the most of it and HAVE FUN!

5 graduates on Hud Grad Prop with student central in the background5 graduates on the #HudUni prop infront of Student Central